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FON Hakaton - Blockchain Challenge

PyTeal Beaker - Solidity Blockchain Dev - NFT More Than Art

Applications open from March 2nd until March 16th.

Faculty of Organizational Sciences, University of Belgrade or Online

March 30th 2024

Free for all

About the Blockchain Challenge

The FON Hakaton – Blockchain Challenge provides students with the opportunity to showcase their skills and creativity in the world of blockchain technologies. Participants will have the chance to propose new business models through the implementation of smart contracts using PyTeal and Solidity programming languages, as well as the development of innovative NFT projects. This event is a unique opportunity to generate new ideas and interact with experts.

FON Hakaton 2024 – Blockchain Challenge aims to enable students to explore the latest trends in blockchain technology through projects and gain valuable experience.

The FON Hakaton – Blockchain Challenge will be organized by Blockchain Laboratory & FONIS, Faculty of Organizational Sciences at University of Belgrade, and Blockchain Lab at University of Florida.

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Benefits for all attendees of the FON Hakaton – Blockchain Challenge are:

  • Mentorship program
  • Networking opportunities with other students and the entire academic environment
  • Hands-on experience working with blockchain technologies
  • A chance to showcase knowledge and skills
  • The opportunity to develop and launch new blockchain solutions
  • Collaborative environment for fostering creativity and problem-solving
  • Prizes for the first three nominated projects by the expert jury
  • Special financial and sponsors’ prizes for the best-nominated projects from different categories
UB event organizers:

Aleksandra Labus

Full Professor

CO-PI, Chair of the Blockchain Laboratory


Marijana Despotović-Zrakić

Full Professor

Co-Chair of the Blockchain Laboratory, Project manager/Senior


Zorica Bogdanović

Full Professor

Project manager/Senior, Senior Researcher


Dušan Barać

Full Professor and the
Vice-dean for digital development

Project manager/Senior, Senior Researcher


Tamara Naumović

Teaching Assistant

Project manager/Junior, Junior Researcher


Petar Lukovac

Teaching Associate

Junior researcher, Developer


Aleksa Miletić

Teaching Associate

Junior researcher, Developer


Milica Simić

Teaching Associate

Algorand Campus Champion, President of the Student Blockchain Club



Faculty Organizational Science
University of Belgrade
Jove Ilića 154, cabinets 304, 303 and 303a.
11000 Belgrade, Serbia

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UF event organizers:

Marko Suvajdzic

Associate Director of Digital Worlds Institute and an Associate Professor, UF

PI, University of Florida (UF), United States



Tom Shrimpton

Professor, UF

CO-PI, University of Florida (UF), United States



Jamie Kraft

Director of the Entrepreneurship and Innovation Center, UF

CO-I, University of Florida (UF), United States



Tim Difato

Associate Director and an Associate faculty member at Digital Worlds Institute, UF

CO-I, University of Florida (UF), United States



First place


Second place


Third place


Awards will be announced soon!

The mentorship program for the FON Hakaton – Blockchain Challenge will start on March 15th when the teams will get instructions for their projects. All teams will work with their mentors at the Faculty of Organizational Sciences and/or online during March.

The final presentation of the projects will be held on March 30th at the Faculty of Organizational Sciences. There will be an option for online project presentations if the teams are not able to attend the competition live.

About the blockchain technologies

PyTeal is a programming language used to define smart contracts on the Algorand network, along with Beaker, a development environment that facilitates communication with a network, making testing and implementation of PyTeal smart contracts more accessible. Through practical exercises, you will be equipped to create and test smart contracts, enhance your understanding of the Algorand ecosystem, and gain valuable experience in blockchain development.

Solidity is an object-oriented programming language specifically created by the Ethereum Network team for constructing and designing smart contracts on blockchain platforms. It is utilized to develop smart contracts that implement business logic and generate a chain of transaction records within the blockchain system.

NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) represent blockchain-based technology that enables the unique identification and certification of digital assets, such as artworks, music, or videos. Each NFT has its unique digital stamp, guaranteeing the authenticity and irreplaceability of the digital content. This technology revolutionizes the way digital artifacts are valued and traded, providing artists and creators with complete control over their digital creations.

Participants of the hackathon are free to use any blockchain technology that suits them best, not limited to the three that will be covered in the Bootcamp.

Who can attend?

Blockchain Challenge is open for students of all study levels (undergraduate, graduate, specialist, and PhD studies) and high school students, all around the world.

Recommendation for participation in the FON Hackathon 2024 – Blockchain Challenge:

  • previous knowledge of blockchain technologies (PyTeal Beaker, Solidity, NFT, and others)
  • previously finished Blockchain Bootcamp 2024 (PyTeal Beaker, Solidity Blockchain Dev, NFT – More Than Art)

If you are interested in participating in Blockchain Bootcamp 2024, fill out the form that will be open from February 7th, 2024.

Sign-up, and participate in the FON Hakaton – Blockchain Challenge!

Become a member of the blockchain community and participate in creating a better future!

Have a look at the given timeline and team schedule for the final day of the hackathon.

FON Hakaton - Blockchain Challenge

PyTeal Beaker – Solidity Blockchain Dev – NFT More Than Art