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W3AH’23 - Timeline

Faculty of Organizational Sciences D301, University of Belgrade or Online

27 April 2023

We are pleased to announce a timeline for the W3AH’23 schedule. The purpose of this timeline is to help manage the presentation of all projects and ensure that they are completed in a timely manner.

Hackathon will be held in auditorium D301 of the Faculty of Organisational Sciences. The event can be followed online via the link:

Timeline for the event

Time (Belgrade time)AgendaDescription
15.00 - 15.20Opening ceremonyPresentation of the project and members of the jury; acquainting the management of FOS, Algorand, and UF.
15.20 - 17.30First round of presentations ~7 teams for 7-10 minutes each and the jury asks questions for 5-7 minutes per team
17.30 - 17.40Coffee break
17.40 - 19.50Second round of presentations~7 teams for 7-10 minutes each and the jury asks questions for 5-7 minutes per team
19.50 - 20.20Voting for the best teamsBy jury and audience; Bootcamp certificate award
20.20 - 21.00The winner announcementAnnouncement of winners and awarding of prizes
21.00 - 22.00Cocktail

Team Schedule

Presentations of the projects will be separated into two rounds, divided by the coffee break. Every team will have 7-10 minutes to present their solution.

First round of presentations15.20 - 17.30
Team nameUB/UF
14 ChainzUB
3Fashion codeUB
6Team Carried UF
7Silly Little TeamUF
Second round of presentations17.40 - 19.50
Team nameUB/UF
2Gator Hackers UF
6Grand Slam UB

The W3 Algorand Hackathon 2023 – W3AH’23 aims to enable students to create and promote innovative Web3 business models and projects based on blockchain technologies.