Student project showcase

On Friday, December 2nd,  the Faculty of Organizational Sciences and the E-business department will be honored to have a guest lecture where young colleagues Milica Ristić, Katarina Šikman, and Marija Vrljanac will present their projects and ideas to the other students and attendants. Covering topics such as NFT, virtual reality, and 3D modeling, they will introduce how the IT world can be implemented in an industry like fashion.

All lectures will be held on December 2nd from 12:15h to 14:00h in auditorium B103 and from 14:15h to 16:00 in auditorium B009 of an old Faculty building.

Milica Ristić – Development of NFT collections using Blender tools

During this presentation, it will be shown how to use Python API to create and manipulate 3D scenes in Blender. Having in mind that Blender is an open-source software, it allows its users to create new tools using Python programming language and to share them across the Blender community. Python gives a variety of functionalities: from creating objects and materials to adjusting brightness and animations. Written scripts can be used by freelancers, artists, and other people in this industry, and there is even an option of selling your code online.

Katarina Šikman – Virtual reality in fashion design

Immersive technology slowly takes its place not only in everyday use but also in diverse industries. It is noticeable that the useability of virtual reality (VR) rises in the fashion industry every second. VR gets everybody’s head turned when it comes to fashion design so the old way of sketching on paper is being overthrown by software for 3D modeling. This lecture, it will be shown how to design and simulate a fashion garment that will be worn by a virtual model. The demonstration will be followed by a theoretical approach to VR, creating a 3D avatar, and developing a fashion design using software for 3D modeling.

Marija Vrljanac – Application of 3D modeling in the fashion industry

During this lecture, it will be presented how 3D modeling can be used in the fashion industry together with augmented reality (AR). The purpose is to show how the future of the fashion industry will look by presenting new products. Marija will cover topics such as 3D modeling, AR, digital fashion, and the ecological, time-saving, and simplified production benefits of using this approach.

Attendee List

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  • Date : December 2, 2022
  • Time : 12:15 pm - 4:00 pm (UTC+1)
  • Venue : B103, B009 - Faculty of Organizational Sciences