Smart contracts on Solana blockchain – minting an NFT

The main idea of this workshop is to make introduce about development on Solana blockchain. A key technology that will be used in Rust programming language, with a focus on Anchor framework, built especially for Solana development with Rust. The first part of the workshop will be focused on general terms and concepts about developing on Solana, such as account structure, smart contract structure, all necessary data for creating a non-fungible token, etc. In the second part of the workshop, we will be implementing a practical example of minting an NFT and going through the entire process of preparing necessary data and storing it off-chan and in Solana accounts.

Goran Gutović was born on 9th July 1999. in Niksic, Montenegro. After completing primary and high school in his hometown, he enrolled at the University of Belgrade, Faculty of organizational sciences in 2018. Graduated this year from the department of Information systems and technologies, with a final score of 8.95/10, and a final thesis “System for generating non-fungible tokens based on Solana blockchain”. His main interests are blockchain technologies, and last year and a half, he has been actively researching and learning new things about them. The main focus of the research is the Solana blockchain, a fast and scalable technology with big throughput. He has experience working on both the front-end side, such as building UI with interaction with blockchain and building smart contracts that hold the entire business logic.

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  • Date : December 9, 2022
  • Time : 6:00 am - 7:00 pm (UTC+1)
  • Venue : D403, Faculty of Organizational Sciences