Methodology and tools for the creation of NFT collections on Ethereum blockchain

In this session, students will learn the basic overview of the methodology of how a typical NFT collection on the Ethereum blockchain is created and published. The methodology will consist of the following steps/areas:

  1. Preparation of the strategy
  2. Creation of the roadmap
  3. Setup of the team
  4. Creation of artwork
  5. Development and deployment of the smart contract and front end
  6. Definition of a marketing strategy and its execution
  7. Mint

Besides the basics of each step, students will get lots of information about possible tools that can be used in each step.


After this session, students will be able to set up and run their own NFT projects.


 Darko Pavić aka professor John Keeting

Darko Pavić was a college student in Paderborn, Germany where he studied electrical engineering and finished with a master’s degree.
As a young engineer, he started his career at Siemens Nixdorf as a software developer.
He moved within Siemens (later Diebold Nixdorf) from software development to project management of large international projects to directing the Adriatic region in the retail business.  Before leaving Diebold Nixdorf to completely run his own business by himself he was the head of the software development department with more than 400 developers across the world.
Since 2003 he also runs his own company, Fiscal Solutions.
Fiscal Solutions is a software development company, producing software solutions for large international retailers in more than 20 countries.
He and his company are very active in international organizations like OMG ( and ICC which majorly influence the international developments of certain technical topics.


Besides that, he is strongly active in the web3 space known as Professor Keeting (Twitter @profkeeting). As a founder of the web3 project “Ape School”, he had more than 1500 students in his masterclasses. “Ape School” has the main target to educate individuals and businesses about opportunities in the web3 space. And the postgraduate program is supporting their further development in the space. Professor Keeting published 3 smaller NFT collections and one bigger NFT collection called “Masters of Blockchain”.  The Masters of Blockchain collection was sold out within 27 minutes. As an owner of several mutant apes from the worldwide most famous NFT collection, he has access to the leading communities of the web3 space.



Ivana Ehrensvärd

With her background in humanities, precisely in archaeology and religion, as well as in culture and art, Ivana entered the world of NFTs as an art director at Ape School educational project in April 2022.

Ivana holds a degree in Archaeology from the Faculty of Philosophy in Belgrade, and master degree in Religion studies from the Faculty of Theology in Copenhagen. For many years she worked both as a curator at the Belgrade City Museum and as a collection manager for private collectors. She organized a dozen art exhibitions in Serbia and abroad. Over the last couple of years she also paints and exhibits her self.

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  • Date : October 31, 2022
  • Time : 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm (UTC+1)
  • Venue : D301, Faculty of organizational sciences